Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Legos, the Zoo, Gilroy Gardens, and more Legos...

Dominic's newest obsession is Legos.

Dominic playing with his Lego Mater and Luigi. 9/4/2011.
Dominic said "Mommy, cheese Mater and Luigi!"  meaning he wanted me to take a picture of Mater and Luigi.

Dominic then said "Mommy, cheese me!" meaning he wanted me to take a picture of him.

Trip to the Oakland Zoo.  09.10.2011.

Dominic LOVES the bug exhibit.

On the train ride to see the emu and wallaroos.

Beautiful view of Oakland.

Dominic's first ever ride on a carousel animal... usually he freaks and refuses.

Second time around he opted for the bench.

A day at Gilroy Gardens with Aunty Cory and Jasmine.

Aunty Cory and Jasmine headed to the little kid carousel.  (Dominic didn't want to ride.)

Riding the big kid carousel.

Jasmine wanted to spin faster and Dominic was holding on for dear life!

Waiting for the duck boat paddle ride.
Partners in crime...

Finally get to drive a car!

And then the car ride broke down!
Waiting to be rescued...
Jasmine getting her face painted with a princess crown. (Dominic declined getting his face painted even though there were some cool designs... like snakes and spiders.)

All done... this was on the way out of the park and Dominic says... "Jasmine looks like a princess."
Experimenting with picture effects.
A Mommy+Dominic day at Starbucks. 09/21/2011.

Putting together a lego house on his own.

Daddy bought Dominic a Lego set and they were putting it together.  Too cute!

All done!