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I love making diaper cakes!  Let me know if you'd like a diaper cake made and I would love to make you one! I usually use newborn and size 1 Pampers and decorative items (bibs, spoons, diaper cream, etc.)  from the dollar store to keep costs low. I usually charge the cost of the materials + 20% for time. I can also do themed diaper cakes (such as trucks for boys or themes like Winnie-the-pooh or rubber duckies). Here are some samples of girl diaper cakes to match colors of the mom-to-be's baby shower:

Here is a 3-tier diaper cake with a
pink theme.  Front view.  
Detail of sock flower.
Top view.
This pink-themed 3-tier cake cost $60 ($50 for materials + 20%). Cake includes:
14 newborn diapers
1 package size 1 diapers (40 ct)
1 large bottle baby shampoo
1 large bottle baby lotion
1 small bottle Desitin cream
1 small blanket
3 bibs
3 onesies
3 pairs baby socks
Bow for top
2 infant spoons
Additional embellishments (crepe paper, ribbon, stickers, etc.)

Purple and green themed, 4-tier
cake.  Front view.

Detail of sock flower and side view.
Top view.
This 4-tier cake uses more diapers and has an added bottle. Cost: $70. Contact me at 925.785.0484 if you would like to order a diaper cake!

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