Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines and a missing tooth...

This week has been fun!  Dominic's tooth finally fell out while brushing his teeth! And he is SO excited to leave his tooth for the Tooth Fairy.  Dominic says he wants not just money for his tooth, but Pirate treasure.
So Tim and I look in a bowl where we keep change and find three half-dollars, a dollar coin, and a Sacagawea coin for the Tooth Fairy.  Dominic was so excited when he found the coins in his tooth pillow the next morning!  A great was to start Valentine's Day.

Dominic's Valentine's breakfast.
Dominic's lunch for Valentine's day.

Dominic's class also had a Valentine's Day party... Dominic and I created these Valentine's day butterfly cards that I found on Pinterest.... It's a craft that originated from the SheKnows website, complete with a template to print the butterflies. These were incredibly easy to make and they were also cheap... I think for 26 of them it cost total about $10.  Materials you will need:  cardstock (we did red, pink, fuscia, light blue, and light green), tape, printer, lollipops, stick-on googly eyes, pen, scissors, and stickers to embellish butterfly wings. First you print the template and for each sheet of cardstock there are two butterflies so for 26 butterflies we printed on 13 varied colors of cardstock. I cut out the butterflies and snipped where printed on the butterflies to create slits for the lollipops.  Dominic then wrote on the back of each "TO: (name) FROM: Dominic" and he embellished with stickers.  I then put the googly eyes on the lollipop and put in card.  Then secured the lollipop on the back of the card with tape.VERY EASY!
Dominic ended  up having a lot of fun at his kindergarten class' Valentine's Day party and came home with a basket full of Valentine's Day cards and goodies!


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