Saturday, February 9, 2013

Super Bowl, baby evictions, and nostalgia...

Things have been busy in the Yep household! One of our last posts was about Dominic's loose tooth... we are still waiting.  That tooth is hanging on and both Tim and I have tried to pull it out but it's in there good! Dominic continues with soccer and he seems to enjoy it. He's probably about half way through with the class. When the weather is nice Kaylee comes with us... 
Soccer class.
Water break.
Kaylee hanging out in the carrier.
Getting ready for a Super Bowl party...  As true Raiders fans we are rooting for.... whoever is playing against the 49ers! Go RAVENS!!!  We all put on our best Ravens gear (aks Raiders gear) and went to a Super Bowl party at the Berberian's home.  

We also FINALLY bought Kaylee's crib.  I absolutely love it!  Many thanks to my parents for buying Kaylee a crib!  This was night one of Kaylee being evicted from our room and taking up residence in her brother's room... To ease the transition Tim and I draped our clothes (safely) over the sides of her crib so that she could smell us and not be so freaked out with the new smells and sounds in her new environment.  She actually did very well!
A bit of history here... my mom sent us a Valentine's Day package with gifts for the kids.  She also included a light pink crocheted sweater that used to be mine when I was Kaylee's age (36 years ago!).  Once I outgrew it as a baby my Mom kept it in a plastic bag.  Here's Kaylee in the sweater... I love it, especially with the bit of history!

Happy Chinese New Year's everyone!!!  We celebrated with family in Stockton.... I am very excited to see what the year has in store for Tim as he was born in the Year of the Snake.  This should be a good year for him!

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