Friday, February 15, 2013

Valentines and a missing tooth...

This week has been fun!  Dominic's tooth finally fell out while brushing his teeth! And he is SO excited to leave his tooth for the Tooth Fairy.  Dominic says he wants not just money for his tooth, but Pirate treasure.
So Tim and I look in a bowl where we keep change and find three half-dollars, a dollar coin, and a Sacagawea coin for the Tooth Fairy.  Dominic was so excited when he found the coins in his tooth pillow the next morning!  A great was to start Valentine's Day.

Dominic's Valentine's breakfast.
Dominic's lunch for Valentine's day.

Dominic's class also had a Valentine's Day party... Dominic and I created these Valentine's day butterfly cards that I found on Pinterest.... It's a craft that originated from the SheKnows website, complete with a template to print the butterflies. These were incredibly easy to make and they were also cheap... I think for 26 of them it cost total about $10.  Materials you will need:  cardstock (we did red, pink, fuscia, light blue, and light green), tape, printer, lollipops, stick-on googly eyes, pen, scissors, and stickers to embellish butterfly wings. First you print the template and for each sheet of cardstock there are two butterflies so for 26 butterflies we printed on 13 varied colors of cardstock. I cut out the butterflies and snipped where printed on the butterflies to create slits for the lollipops.  Dominic then wrote on the back of each "TO: (name) FROM: Dominic" and he embellished with stickers.  I then put the googly eyes on the lollipop and put in card.  Then secured the lollipop on the back of the card with tape.VERY EASY!
Dominic ended  up having a lot of fun at his kindergarten class' Valentine's Day party and came home with a basket full of Valentine's Day cards and goodies!


Saturday, February 9, 2013

Super Bowl, baby evictions, and nostalgia...

Things have been busy in the Yep household! One of our last posts was about Dominic's loose tooth... we are still waiting.  That tooth is hanging on and both Tim and I have tried to pull it out but it's in there good! Dominic continues with soccer and he seems to enjoy it. He's probably about half way through with the class. When the weather is nice Kaylee comes with us... 
Soccer class.
Water break.
Kaylee hanging out in the carrier.
Getting ready for a Super Bowl party...  As true Raiders fans we are rooting for.... whoever is playing against the 49ers! Go RAVENS!!!  We all put on our best Ravens gear (aks Raiders gear) and went to a Super Bowl party at the Berberian's home.  

We also FINALLY bought Kaylee's crib.  I absolutely love it!  Many thanks to my parents for buying Kaylee a crib!  This was night one of Kaylee being evicted from our room and taking up residence in her brother's room... To ease the transition Tim and I draped our clothes (safely) over the sides of her crib so that she could smell us and not be so freaked out with the new smells and sounds in her new environment.  She actually did very well!
A bit of history here... my mom sent us a Valentine's Day package with gifts for the kids.  She also included a light pink crocheted sweater that used to be mine when I was Kaylee's age (36 years ago!).  Once I outgrew it as a baby my Mom kept it in a plastic bag.  Here's Kaylee in the sweater... I love it, especially with the bit of history!

Happy Chinese New Year's everyone!!!  We celebrated with family in Stockton.... I am very excited to see what the year has in store for Tim as he was born in the Year of the Snake.  This should be a good year for him!

Sunday, January 27, 2013

Breastfeeding fashion, DIYs, and maternity snafus...

SO EXCITED!  Today I ordered 3 teething necklaces and I cant wait for them to arrive! Kaylee has been grabbing my necklace lately while she is nursing and I thought it would be good to get something a little softer for her to grab. I got them from Koukku (Etsy) and they are super cute.  I ordered one in black, grey, and white. The lady I bought them from was incredibly nice and the price was reasonable.  I'll post pictures once they arrive!

I know I mentioned that we've been doing sign language for milk with Kaylee... Tim and I SWEAR she's actually doing it. When you do the sign for milk it looks like you are milking an invisible cow udder. Kaylee will do this thing where she stops moving except for her hand and its making the motion for milk.  When she stops like that it seems she's concentrating REALLY hard. :) I've also started using the sign for change diaper.  For a full dictionary of baby sign language shown my My Smart Hands click here.

I also have been busy!  I saw this cute headband holder on Pinterest and decided to make it for Kaylee.  I added the link to the pin but it seems the page with the directions is no longer available.  It seemed easy enough to make.  I love repurposing things... recycle, reuse, reduce.. and this headband holder involved repurposing an oatmeal can.  I just covered the oatmeal can with paper and added some decoration.  Here are some pictures... I love how it turned out! On a side note: I am OBSESSED with headbands!

We are still working with Dominic on night time potty training and we are seeing fruits of our labor.  The other night Tim and I were watching a movie and at about midnight we hear Dominic wake himself up and go to the potty.  This is the first time he has done this by himself... without us waking him up first.  Tim and I looked at each other and were so incredibly proud.  So we made a trip to the Lego store for Friday.   Dominic ended up getting some small Lego figurines and a $7.99 small bucket of Legos.  I am ever impressed by Dominic's growth this year and are pleased with his academic experience in Kindergarten.  Every night we read a book before bedtime and a few nights ago he read to me the entire book Ten Apples Up On Top by Dr. Seuss (aside from about 3 words he didn't know, such as 'skate').  The book is almost written entirely with sight words and each week at school Dominic learns a new sight word.

An update on my Disability saga... I previously posted about what a nightmare I was having with filing a Disability claim and issues with my OB's office submitting their portion of the Disability claim... well, I finally got a hold of someone and CA EDD office and the person I talked to said that he looked up my claim and it is currently with an examiner but will likely be disqualified because the medical provider submitted their portion past the 49 day deadline. I should be getting the notice in the mail in about 2 weeks.  When I explained that my OB's office reported they faxed it within the time limit I was told I could appeal and when I got the notice of the disqualification it would state how to appeal... this is ridiculous   At this rate I won't get my first Disability check until I return to work!  RIDICULOUS!

I'm still working on New Year's Resolution #2: Be less squishy and continue to walk to pick up Dominic from school.  Sometimes Tim is working when Kaylee and I walk to pick up Dominic, if he isn't Tim usually walks with us.  On Friday, Kaylee and I also went hiking with a neighbor friend and it was nice to be out.. it was a good beginner hike and the view was lovely.  It would be great to take Dominic on the weekend as the area has cows so I think D would get a kick out of that!  After the hike, however, I dropped my cell phone in the gravel parking lot and my cell phone shattered... Blech!  So now I have a loaner cell phone and Best Buy is ordering me a new one... glad we bought their protection plan.

Here are some pictures of Kaylee..

My sweet girl and her giraffe.
Nap time.  Busted out of the
See you next week... should be an exciting week... Kaylee is getting her ears pierced tomorrow so I will post pics!