Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Baby Kaylee and family adjustments...

The most exciting thing that has changed with us was the addition of Baby Kaylee to the Yep Family!  On October 22, 2012 Kaylee was born, 6 pounds, 14 ounces and measuring 19 inches.

 Kaylee was born via cesarean section and the procedure went well and smooth... We opted for a repeat c-section since Dominic's birth was so scary with him getting stuck in my pelvis, resulting in an emergency c-section... For Kaylee, we went to the hospital at 8am for the c-section scheduled at 10am.  23 minutes later and Kaylee was born.  The month of October was definitely one of adjusting to life with a newborn.

Tim cutting Kaylee's umbilical cord.

My first look at Kaylee... despite going through such a procedure she is peacefully sleeping... but not for long!

Kaylee has two Mongolian spots on her back (common on Asian babies and usually fades over time).
Kaylee was also born with two skin tags on her left ear, almost like she has a duplicate ear lobe in front of her correct ear lobe. *Go to the November 2012 post for a picture* It seems to be hereditary as Dominic was also born with an ear anomaly.  On his right ear there is a tiny pinpoint hole where the top of his ear meets his face (it almost looks like I took a thumbtack and poked him, leaving a hole).  A fascinating tidbit (only because the ultrasounds were normal.  Had the ultrasounds not been normal, fascinating would not be the right word...) is that in-utero, when the ears are formed, it is the same time the fetus' kidneys are formed... so when there are anomalies in the ear of a newborn there is a chance the kidneys might also be malformed.  As such, the hospital did an ultrasound on Kaylee's kidney when she was 2 days old to make sure they were formed completely and normally.  This was also done when Dominic was born.  Gladly, the ultrasounds on both Dominic and Kaylee showed normally formed kidneys.  Kaylee's pediatrician will refer us to a pediatric Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT) specialist to look at and consult on what to do.  Likely it is cosmetic and can easily be removed.  

Proud Daddy!

Tuesday, 10/23/2012
  Dominic couldn't wait to hold Kaylee, then started to get scared when she started crying...         

Wednesday, 10/24/2012

Dominic is such a proud big brother!

Grandma and Grandpa Nakamoto came to visit for Kaylee's birth...  Here is Grandpa Nakamoto holding Kaylee.

Daddy's girl!

Thursday, 10/25/2012
We decided to discharge from the hospital a day early.  All seems to be going well, although breastfeeding has been a comedy of fumbles...

Monday, 10/29/2012
Kaylee is one week old!

Wednesday, 10/31/2012
Dominic was SO excited to be Captain America this year for Halloween!  Grandma and Grandpa Nakamoto bought Dominic the Captain America costume.  At Dominic's school the kids had a Halloween Parade and Mommy got to go to the parade while Daddy stayed home with Kaylee. That night Dominic went trick-or-treating with his friends Jason, Jasmine, and Sophia.  

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