Friday, November 30, 2012

Newborns, Parent-teacher conferences, and Thanksgiving

Happy November!  
Kaylee had her 2-week well-child exam with her pediatrician on 11/06/2012... she is doing well and is now weighing 7 pounds, 0.5 ounces.  The pediatrician referred us to the ENT Department at Children's Hospital Oakland for a consultation for Kaylee's ear tag.  We saw the specialist on 11/15/2012 and she says the hanging ear tag is cosmetic and can be removed easily.  They will call us in December for an appointment in January 2013 to surgically remove the hanging skin tag.  The notch just above it will be more intensive and will likely require general anesthesia so they would like to wait until she is 3 years old.

We have continued to navigate transitioning from a one-child household to a two-child household. I admit it is much tougher than I thought it would be... Dominic has an established schedule and trying to fit in Kaylee, who doesn't have a schedule has been.. trying.  Dominic has had some struggles as well.  Since Kaylee arrived he has regressed in the potty and started having frequent potty accidents at school. Despite this his teachers say he has been doing really well at school.  On 11/13/2012, we had Dominic's parent teacher conference and it went really well.  The only thing they wanted to work on was that he moves at a slower pace than the other kids.. one example the teacher gave was at the end of the day all the children are lined up to leave and Dominic is still at his desk painstakingly putting away all his school stuff neatly in his back pack. Academically, he is doing well.  Here are some pictures of Dominic with Take-Home-George.  Curious George is his Kindergarten class mascot and a different child gets to take him home each weekend and then share with the class George's escapades over the weekend.

George eating breakfast with Dominic.

George watching movies with Dominic.
George playing legos with Dominic.
We also had a friend visit, Kim Hase, from Hawaii.  Kim is a college friend of ours and she stayed with us for about a week.  With Kaylee we couldn't go out to do the touristy things with Kim but it was pretty relaxing hanging out at home.  TMI (Too much information) ALERT: this was my first adventure in NIP (Nursing in Public). Kim, Kaylee, and I were at a restaurant eating lunch and Kaylee was getting hungry. I used a nursing cover and to my surprise no one even batted an eye... which I am happy about because man did I have some anxiety about that... I think I concealed my anxiety well but my heart was POUNDING!  You never know how other people are going to react (although CA law says anywhere you are allowed to bottle feed a baby you are also allowed to breastfeed).

Kaylee had her 1-month well-child exam with her pediatrician on 11/20/2012 and she continues to do well.  She weighed 8 pounds, 4.5 ounces and measured 20 inches long.  She is nursing well, thanks in part to support from the local La Leche League that I've connected with on Facebook.  She is a pretty easy-going and mellow baby.  Doesn't usually cry unless hungry, tired, or has a dirty diaper.. but even then she doesn't cry much.  She would sleep through the night if we let her (the first night home from the hospital she slept 6 hours) so I've been waking her every three hours to nurse and will probably do this until nursing is well established. 

Thanksgiving crafts with Dominic!

We had a great Thanksgiving. We didn't want to have to travel with Kaylee being so young so we celebrated with family and friends at our house.  Thanksgiving was also technically Kaylee's 1-month birthday so we celebrated with a traditional Red Egg and Ginger party with family... alongside the turkey was a roast pig!

Following each holiday (Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Years) Tim organizes an annual flag football game... this is the one after Thanksgiving, with a pretty good turn out.  Kaylee, Dominic, and I went also and it was great fun!


Here are some pictures from November...

11/03/2012, Kaylee is one week and 5 days old.  This was family movie night and both Kaylee and Dominic fell asleep on the couch in between Tim and I during the movie.

Kaylee's first outting with Mommy and Daddy... headed out to lunch, 11/02/2012.

   Kaylee's first bath, 11/09/2012.

The end of November was spent getting ready for the Red Egg and Ginger party that Tim's parents held for Kaylee.  I put together some small decorations.  The party was planned for 12/02/2012 at the West Lake Restaurant.

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