Monday, December 31, 2012

Happy Holidays!

Happy Holidays everyone!!!

The month started out with Kaylee's Red Egg and Ginger party on 12/02/2012.  This is a Chinese tradition where you celebrate and "present" your child to family and friends when the baby reaches 1-month old.  Here Kaylee is dressed in her princess dress.. ready to go and waiting for everyone.  A lot of Tim's family and our friends attended the Red Egg and Ginger party and we had a great time!  Thanks everyone for celebrating Kaylee's one-month birthday!


We went to have breakfast with Santa.  Here are some pictures from Breakfast with Santa.  Dominic loved it!  Of note: this is the first year Dominic has felt 'OK' sitting on Santa's lap.  Previous years Santa was in the scary catagory.


Dominic participated in his school Christmas program.  Here he is while singing the song "Paint the Town December."  He was incredibly cute and I'm not just being biased!  As we were leaving a woman grabbed
my arm and yelled over the chatter "Can I tell you how incredibly cute your son is?!"  In the weeks leading up to the Christmas program Dominic could be heard singing songs about Kwanzaa and Hanukkah... we had no idea where he learned the songs until we were at the Christmas program.  :)

12/25/2012, Christmas

Every year it is always a goal of mine to give Dominic the type of Christmas I had as a child.. I have fond memories of Christmas, from going to my Auntie Carol and Uncle Miguel's home on Christmas Eve for dinner to my sister Lori and I waking my parents at the 'butt-crack-of-dawn' to open presents.  I'm not gonna lie... when Christmas comes each year I become a child and I believe in the magic of Christmas.

This year Dominic also really got into Christmas... singing Christmas carols, helping me decorate the tree, and always asking me to turn the car radio to the Christmas music station.  I love doing little special Christmas things with Dominic.  On Christmas Eve, Dominic and I sprinkled oatmeal and glitter on the front yard.  I told Dominic we were doing this so that Santa and the reindeer would see the sprinkles and know to stop by our house with presents.  :)
Goodies for Santa and Reindeer.

We also baked sugar cookies for Santa and put out some carrots and celery for the reindeer.

Some of the presents Dominic got: A Wii from us, lots of Legos (including the Utlra Sonic Raider which he asked for and got from Santa), lots of clothes (including his favorite Avengers sweater and vest outfit from Grammy and Grandpa Nakamoto), and a castle with knights and horses from Grandma and Grandpa Yep.  This year Tim and I decided to buy ourselves an early Christmas present: and snazzy coffee maker that does a carafe but also the single cup.  Here are some pictures from Christmas morning:
Tim and Dominic building his castle.

We missed the pre-Christmas Flag Football Game but were able to go to the pre-New Year's Flag Football Game.  Unfortunately, the fields were reserved for a soccer tournament but the guys improvised and played on the basketball courts.  There was a good turn out and we're looking forward to the 2013 Annual Holiday Flag Football series.
Flag football
With the heavy rainfall the prior night there were earthworms ALL OVER the basketball court and Dominic was FASCINATED by all the worms.

Baby earthworms. 
Kaylee ready to go out to watch football!

  We rang in the New Year with good friends at the Berberian home.  We played poker up until the count down and Tim and I ended up the last folks standing in the poker game.
Happy Hew Year's!

Kaylee in her NYE party dress.
Dominic ringing in the New Year with pal Jasmine.


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