Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year's Resolutions...

Dominic and Kaylee on New Year's day.
New Year... new resolutions.
So this year I have several resolutions... First, to not let this blog go the way the last two did... unceremoniously dead.  The last few months (October-December 2012) were done retrospectively, last night to be exact.  I just started updating the blog yesterday so today is only day 2.  We shall see.

My second resolution is to be less squishy.  A family friend bought us the jogging stroller that we registered for, much to my surprise, so I've been taking the stroller out and going walking.  One of the things I've really started to like is walking with Kaylee to pick up Dominic from school... since his school is right down the street.

Headed to the park with my loves, 01/02/2013.
Happy Faces!

The other big development over the last few weeks is that Kaylee is talking and cooing a lot and is a smiley girl!    Here's a great picture of her smile...
Happy faces!

Kids in our bed on Tim's birthday morning.
Tim also celebrated his 35th birthday on 01/02/2013. He had a pretty relaxing day.. but then it was back to the grind of his work, a blessing that he has been very busy with work!

Kaylee continues to do well.. I weighed her the other day and she is now 12 pounds... a chunker!  She has the cutest rolls of skin and fat on her thighs!  She is still nursing well... too well as she still won't take a bottle.  :(  I love nursing her, please don't get me wrong, but I'm terrified that when it's time for me to go back to work she'll still be refusing the bottle.  I'm also getting nervous... she has her second consultation tomorrow morning with the Children's Hospital Pediatric Ear, Nose, and Throat specialist... this time it's the head of the ENT Department so that's comforting.  When I talked with the office staff on the phone they mentioned that if they can do the ear tag surgery in the Walnut Creek office they will do it likely on 1/24/2013.  I know I want to get it done but ITS . JUST . SO . NERVE . WRACKING.  I know I will be a mess that day.  What's funny is I think I've been on a journey with Kaylee's skin tag... At first I was shocked and worried, then embarrassed about the ear tag, then embarrassed about being embarrassed about my daughter.  When she was just born and probably up until last month I purposely tried to take pictures of only the right side of her face showing... and when we would go out I worried what friends and people would say/think.  Now I don't care.  She is beautiful to me. Kaylee, on the other hand has started tugging, pulling, and straight out yanking the ear tag.

Dominic is also doing well.. he has stopped (for the most part) having potty accidents at school.  We started a reward system where every day he is dry at school he gets a $1 to put in his treasure box.. then as his treasure box fund grows he can buy stuff.. so he bought a game for his LeapPad recently.  He told me what game he wanted to get, I told him how much it cost ($10), he counted out $10, gave me the money, and I bought the game.  I like this because he feels an ownership in the ability to buy stuff because he worked to get the $.  Dominic is still not the greatest listener but we are working on that.  He loves school, doing homework, and is able to read quite a few words.  

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