Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Ear tags, surgery, and first birthdays...

So... we had Kaylee's consultation this morning with Dr. Rosen at Children's Hospital Oakland (at the Walnut Creek Clinic). I should add this small piece of history: in November we went to the Pleasanton CHO clinic and saw a different Ear, Nose, and Throat doctor who told us the clinic would call mid-December with dates in January 2013 to surgically remove the hanging skin but recommended waiting until she was 3 years old to remove the notch because that one required her being given general anesthesia.

When we never got a call I called the Pleasanton clinic and the staff reported that the ENT Dept. is now at the Walnut Creek office and that the doctor we saw was no longer there... so, we were scheduled to meet with Dr. Rosen, the head of the ENT Dept., this morning. He is recommending waiting until she is a year old and removing both at the same time. He also suspects the notch has cartilage behind it... so, no surgery until her first birthday. We are scheduled to return next September to schedule the surgery.

I think I am OK with that... mainly I'm thinking that gives me time to accrue vacation (which will be depleted from my maternity leave) so that I can take time off while she is healing. I think my only worry is at a year old she will be able to better comprehend what is happening (and she'll probably be pissed because of scariness and pain)... and she'll probably be messing with the area once the ear tags are removed. So, it seems this journey navigating my feelings/emotions/thought about Kaylee having this ear anomaly will continue a little longer...

On another not-so-serious note: the doctor says it's OK to get Kaylee's ears pierced and that will not interfere with the surgery. :)

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