Monday, January 21, 2013

Teething Hell and Nighttime Potty Training...

This past week has been busy with milestones for both Kaylee and Dominic...

Kaylee is usually a mellow baby, hardly ever crying... but last week Thursday night Kaylee became this little hellion just crying and screaming... and while she was crying I noticed this little white tooth just below the surface of her gums!  Holy crap this is early!  I remember with Dominic he was "teething" and I put in quotes because parents who have gone through it know that "teething" is actually going through perpetual teething-symptom-hell without seeing any actual teeth for MONTHS.  Not for Kaylee, she literally started the drooling water works only about two weeks ago... and now you can already see a tooth!  I think Dominic's first tooth came when he was six months old... and Kaylee isn't even 3 months yet!  The only way I could calm her down was putting her in the Moby Wrap carrier and bouncing her.  She finally fell asleep.  So out goes Tim the next day to the store for some teething meds!  We have entered teething hell because now EVERY SINGLE NIGHT at about 6-9p the crying starts... hopefully this will pass soon! Funny thing is Tim got her some baby OraGel and that stuff is like baby crack... as soon as I rub it on her gums she's happy as a clam. Lucky for us Kaylee is still sleeping well through the night (5-7 hours stretches) despite the teething issue.

My first tooth! Front bottom left.

Kaylee has also really started talking A LOT.  She will actually have a conversation with you, responding as you respond to her.  It's funny but I kinda think she sounds like Chewbacca from Star Wars when she makes her little noises.

We've also started Dominic on a nighttime potty training program called 3 Day Potty Training that seems to be working but boy is it intensive.  For the last few nights I have been sleeping on the floor in his room (as according to the program) and checking in with him often about his need to potty.  My back and hips are killing me from sleeping on the hard floor.  But on the second night when I asked him if he had to go potty he said yes, got up, and went to the potty.  Unfortunately, in the morning he peed in the bed. Last night he got up twice to pee, once in the middle of the night and once in the early morning, but was completely dry!  The test will be when I am no longer in his room and if he actually goes on his own.

This is us at the park...

Relaxing as Mommy and brother play in the sand.

Playingin the sand.

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